I always enjoyed going to Kamloops. Thanks to the advertising done by the church, my presentation was very well attended with a cross-section of both old and new friends.

People of faith and un-churched folks as well. There were people in attendance who remember me (from my days of working clubs around that town) that came out to hear me - and not to dance to my music, but listen. So I was happy to share with everyone what is for me, the governing principle of the universe; namely Jesus, and be a witness to His saving grace. As I live and breath.

"A Good crowd appreciated Billy Chernoff's renditions of a wide selection of Gospel music including "Circle of Grace" and "What a Friend We Have In Jesus" at The First Baptist Church, Kamloops."

Associate Pastor,
Allen Hern

"Lyle and I had an enjoyable evening listening to Billy W. Chernoff play and sing Gospel music."

Janet Larson Quinn
Mackenzie, BC

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