Billy's latest single "The One Thing (I Can't Live Without)" on GodsChild Records Nashville has gone to radio!

Already garnering play, this track will be interesting to watch, chart-wise. It's another of Billy's brilliantly crafted, self-penned tunes.


The track was originally produced by John Rees in Nashville, with studio veterans Ron de la Vega (bass), Josh Moody (drums), Dave Moody (acoustic and electric guitar), John Rees (piano), Wanda Vick (fiddle), and Jennifer O’Brien (background vocals). Then brought to Canada where additional overdubs were added, Maureen Haworth (background vocals) and guitarist Dave Favell, under the direction of producer, Ron Mahonin.

All are watching with interest if Billy can equal his last release, "She Learned to Draw the Water", Number 1 on Christian Music Weekly charts.

Programmers can download from AirPlay Direct here.