"I've been thinking on a new batch of songs for quite some time now. Exploring new possibilities with a more pronounced way of approaching subject matter. I've teamed up with fellow singer, songwriter, producer Ron Mahonin to produce this new project.

Some of the material on this album is mine, and with co-writer long-time friend Carl Walden some cuts are ours, an incredible song by my old friend Buzz Rabin and one by my buddy, Glenn Douglas Tubb (Ernest Tubb's nephew) and another by Glenn and his wife Dottie Snow-Tubb.

I'm excited! What can I say?"

The 13 song album "All Roads Lead To You" can now be ordered online!
Stumble Stones
(Billy Chernoff, Carl Walden, writers)
On The Street Where You Live (Buzz Rabin, writer)
Every Day's A Sunday
(Billy Chernoff, Carl Walden, writers)
I Am That Kind Of Man (Glenn Douglas Tubb, Dottie Snow-Tubb, writers)
The One Thing (I Can't Live Without) (Billy Chernoff, writer)
All Roads Lead To You
(Billy Chernoff, Carl Walden, writers)